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Class adds teaching and learning tools directly to Zoom for a more engaging learning experience.

The Whole Classroom,
Inside Zoom

The Whole Classroom,
Inside Zoom


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Class provides the necessary tools for teachers and students to take virtual learning to the next level.
Class has everything your classroom needs, from videos and polls to quizzes and knowledge checks, all inside of Zoom.
Students can raise their hands to participate in class discussion.
Enhanced breakout rooms offer small group collaboration for peer-to-peer or instructor-led learning.
Pin teachers to and presenters at the front of the room, where you’d find them in a physical classroom.
Generate holistic insights that include attendance, participation, and achievement in one dashboard.
Class does make my life easier as a teacher. The platform affords the opportunity to really create a very dynamic classroom space. Class has figured out how to make the student-teacher experience as real life as possible.
Sarah Clancy
Sarah Clancy
Teacher, Laurel Springs School

Add teaching and learning tools to Zoom

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